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Adder.TV needs you! Introducing black and white lists

17 Jun 2013

The secret sauce of Adder.TV is the search algorithm. Everything you see is automated. No single file is uploaded by me, I just tweak the code to make sure it finds the best torrents out there, along with their english subtitles.

Over the past few months I've been trying to improve this search algorithm, and what I learned is that no matter how good the rules I make up are, there are always going to be exceptions; legitimate episodes will be left out, or some bad ones will sneak in, which is why today I'm announcing black and white-listing.

Great! but what does this mean?

For you, the happy series fan, it means that you'll get the content you expect. An example of this is the case of the series Criminal Minds which some weeks ago had wrong episodes of a spin-off called "Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior", which was a better match in terms of seeds/peers and date of upload. Thanks to the blacklist it's fixed now, because I can target keywords or torrents to avoid.

Another example is the series Zero Hour, which has episodes that are supposed to air on July 2013, and somehow the torrents are already available, so I whitelisted the first season.

Unfortunately, what acknowledging this problem also means, is that the algorithm can't ever be 100% automated, it will require manual input for these kind of exceptions, so If you find an episode that doesn't match what you expect, I'd appreciate if you could report it in the footer of any page

Also remember that feedback/comments/questions are always welcome. Please use the form in the footer or feel free to email me at hello@this domain (