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F'ing Bing

29 Jul 2013

This weekend I went away on a trip. Sun, fresh air, old wineries... you can't go wrong. The place where we stayed was ok and the food wasn't bad either, everything was almost perfect for a change.

My short trip is over, though, and today I got back... only to find out that Adder has been down for a couple of days because Microsoft (as usual) has found yet another way to get into my life and waste everyone's time.

For the past two days Microsoft's retarded search engine Bing has been ignoring the rules that all other good web crawlers abide by, and it's trying to download all the subtitles in the site. We do some magic behind the scenes in order to serve you subtitles, but too much magic causes to crash.

No matter what I do to prevent it, Bing won't stop, so as a temporary measure I had to restrict subtitles downloads to members only. I apologize to new-comers and loyal visitors who haven't signed up yet.

I expect to come up with a better solution soon. Sorry for any inconvenience that any of this has caused you. I appreciate your patience.

You can register or log in to download subtitles normally.

That's all!