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Adder.TV Massive Update

27 Apr 2014

It took me about a week to build the base of the Adder.TV series engine, I did it for myself since I love series and I can’t watch them in my country. After a couple of months of using it, I released it to the public because I hadn’t found anything like it, and with some minor tweaks I thought anyone could benefit from it.

A year and a half later the community has grown to over 80,000 users, solely by word of mouth.

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When this app was for myself, I automated the process of searching for the episodes, but I created an admin panel to manually add the series I liked. Since it was only me it was a painless process. Wanted to watch ‘Game of Thrones’? No problem, I just typed the title and the system will take care of fetching all the episodes and subtitles. However, over the months and with suggestions from hundreds of users, I’ve had to manually type in the name of each of the series you see today. This has to stop. That’s why I’m taking the following months to build a new engine, and during this time there won’t be any new series (the episodes WILL continue to update for existing series, but no new series will be added), so I apologize for that.

When this update is complete, Adder.TV won’t require any maintenance from anyone, and can live happily ever after, updating itself, forever.

Next version includes:

The Movies beta was a quick experiment, it requires zero maintenance because I already implemented automatic discovery, and it’s where I want to go with the Series part of the site.

Regarding series streaming, it’s possible and I will do it when I have time for it, I did it 2 years ago, before I released Adder.TV to the public, and I did it a few weeks ago again. I get it 70% done then I don’t have enough free time to work on it and I lose track of where I was going, so I’m stopping updates to the current site in order to have more free time to finally finish it (I repeat, episodes WILL continue to update for existing series, but no new series will be added).

I’ll read the feedbacks from time to time so feel free to reach me there.